The pantyhose sadistic sistahs - Full clip

  • 18:40 Minuten

Includes Mistress Kiana - face sitting - ebony female domination - foot slave training - pantyhose domination - double domination - boot domination - interracial domination - CFNM - foot worship - foot smother - leather fetish - PVC boots - leather boots - extreme domination - nipple play - CBT - ballbusting - high heels - foot smelling - foot fetish - foot domination - MILF     

Featuring: Mistress Ava Black and Mistress Kiana

Gorgeous Ebony bodies! True Goddess perfection... The slave can hardly contain himself at the sight of his Mistresses.

When he sniffs Mistress Ava's gusset all he can smell is heaven and power. And Mistress Kiana's gorgeous leather boots turn him to mush!

His weakness is further magnified when he is ordered to remove the PVC as well as leather boots. Then he must kiss Mistress Ava's arse before taking a facesitting in pantyhose. His senses are truly overwhelmed as he is attacked from both ends. Trampled by Mistress Kiana and smothered by Mistress Ava's gorgeous arse!

Those gorgeous pantyhosed feet knead and squash his cock and balls! While Mistress Ava Black squeezes his neck with her powerful thick thighs Mistress Kiana gives his body a trampling he will never forget! He must beg for more hurt and is rewarded by sniffing Mistress Kiana's toes. But of course as we know all pleasure dished out by Mistresses comes with an equal measure of pain!

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