The human fuck-ipede

24.06.2019Anal Sex, Slave, Strapon
  • 6:28 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes female supremacy - ebony female domination - pussy worship - chastity tease - cock tease - ebony bdsm - CFNM - slave training - oral servitude - face fucking - chastity slave - pantyhose domination - double domination - pussy power     


slaves are just toys for Mistresses to enjoy as they please.

Mistresses Kiana and Ava Black have their obedient little slave in servitude tonight. He wants desperately to please his Mistresses and they know that their erotic power turns him into a right slut.

Good thing his chastity device is on! It's staying on the whole time he is serving them! And he is going to serve good!

By worshipping Mistress Ava's beautiful pantyhose encased pussy, then presenting to Mistress Kiana. She loves riding arse and his is looking particularly good for the spreading! He can't resist his Mistresses' commands even if they hurt him so bad! But despite the pain the delicious power of Mistress pussy pushes him further and further, his cock straining at his device uselessly as they use him without mercy!

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