The cure and the cause

16.05.2019Domination, Femdom, Fetish
  • 8:37 Minuten
  • HDTV

 Includes - femdom - curing findom addiction - slave training - cock tease - tease and denial - Femdom POV - ebony - financial domination - the cause of financial addiction - financial ruination 

You only needed to make that mistake once.

I'm sure you remember the first time you got suckered into buying a Findom clip. You told yourself that it was harmless, you could control yourself. After all the clip seemed so innocent and you knew better than to believe all the creatively put together words by Mistress. 

And then something happened didn't it...

As you listened and watched more you found yourself pulled into every small part of her. Her arrogant confidence, her blatant disregard - disdain almost - for you for being weak enough to have bought this clip. And her promise that she would rinse you dry and leave you an obsessed husk of yourself...

You tried to break loose.

You tried to tell yourself you had more control. That you could beat this... But the more you told yourself to stay away the more you found yourself going back again and again and stalking her online. How could she be so cruel? How could she be so uncaring about you losing everything? 

How could you get her attention and prove to her that you were better?

And that's when you made that last fatal slip into my web.

Because when you thought you could study my words, my videos, my instructions so you could find the 'humane' part of me that's when you lost the game. 

I could have told you then that you would never understand me. That trying to do so would only be playing into my grand design for you. But you wouldn't have listened. Not then.

I have your attention now though don't I?

Your pure and undivided attention.

As it was always meant to be.

And even as your hand reaches anxiously for your credit card to try and tribute me more you are wondering if there will ever be any end for you? 

Will I ever release you from your obsession?

Will I ever reveal a cure for your obsessive addiction with me?

Well, today I am going to offer you your own blue pill and red pill...

Your own chance to choose which you want... the cure from findom addiction? Or to learn the cause. 

If I tell you the cause I will not offer you a solution to cure it. Understand this.

But listen to my instructions within and you can make a choice.

Discover both the cure and the cause.

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