Stubbing out all your hopes - Full clip

21.02.2019Bi fun, Domination, Smoking
  • 11:54 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes - double domination - ebony female domination - triple domination - interracial domination - cfnm - smoking fetish - human ashtray - slave training    

The Ebony Dominants have the slave in the Dungeon. He is at their disposal and will do as they desire. He knows that if he does not the repercussions will be most severe.

The Mistresses discuss his fate as they indulge on their cigarettes. They blow the smoke out into his face together, delighting in his discomfort as he is strung up on the cross helplessly.

Master walks in... now the fun can really begin!

Show me that pathetic cock!

Master demands to see the slave's flabby man-mound. He almost looks sorry for what the slave is working with .But then his attitude shows that all he really wants is to hurt the slave. Flicking ash on his belly, making the slave open his mouth to chew up the burnt down cigarette from his Master. 

There will be no mercy!

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