Shiny pregnant sensitive bellybutton

08.07.2019Femdom, Fetish, Sensual
  • 13:57 Minuten

Includes pregnant fetish - pov female - belly button fetish - sticking out belly button - belly button fingering - oil fetish - shiny belly - belly fetish - big bellies     

A pure blissful Goddess indulgence video. 

Just over the halfway mark and already this belly is looking huge! So unbelievably stretched and growing almost by the minute!

My belly is amazing me! My bellybutton used to be an 'innie' but as you can see in this clip it's definitely now a very shiny outie! But my tummy does love to stay moisturised and shiny. So I get the oil up and treat you to some magnificent angles as I massage and moisturise my tummy. 

Poking at my sensitive bellybutton and showing off how neat it looks even as it sticks out at you. A bellybutton lover's dream!

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