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Rubber Shine Service

27.12.2018Femdom, Latex, Sissy
  • 15:55 Minuten

Includes - female domination - interracial domination - ebony female domination - rubber fetish - rubber dress - oil fetish - goddess worship - latex fetish - latex dress - crossdressers - forced crossdressing - chastity device - sensual domination - cock tease - ball stroking - female supremacy    

He arrived a man. Now he is a woman. After Mistress transformed him in "The Sissyest Temptation" it is time for him (*her*) to serve Mistress.

Mistress wants her rubber dress polished ready for her day so she puts her new slave girl to use. After all if she is going to be in servitude for the next week she needs to be able to do all the jobs required of her.

And after she has carried out the worship of her Goddess she will be checked thoroughly to make sure she didn't enjoy the experience too much!

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