Ride him till he cums!

22.04.2019Face Sitting, Femdom, Handjob
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Includes cock tease - face sitting - harsh handjobs - BBW facesitting - face grinding - face bouncing - extreme domination - ass worship - handjobs - edging - milking the slave - ruined orgasm - jodhpurs - interracial domination - domestic domination - bedroom domination -ass grinding - CFNM - foot domination - foot worship - female supremacy - ebony female domination - slave training

"If you don't kiss my arse properly I will make you cum!"

Mistress means business and slave boi knows it! He has really disappointed her this time and he knows he's not going to wriggle his way out of this one! Mistress wanted him to have her meal ready by the time she returned. But slave was too busy being lazy to bother.

Now he's going to pay the consequences of his laziness!

Mistress wants to teach him a lesson he'll never forget! The very thing he finds most pleasurable - worshipping her in jodhpurs - is coming to bite him in the arse! Or more appropriately in the nuts! Because Mistress edges him over and over again, exploding in laughter at the sight of him squirming and wriggling as she makes him wank on her jodhpurs. They make him weak and she knows it!

Better hold onto his cum! She means business!

She rides his face, heavy grinding against him and using him as her wanking post. He has only ever dreamt of being this close to Mistress's pussy! But now that he is he can't handle it! It's all just too much.

But Mistress isn't done driving her lesson home! Oh no! She wants him to hold onto his spunk! She strokes his cock, gently and expertly teasing him to the brink of orgasm! She really knows how to turn him to jelly, but the fear of what's to come after he cums makes him howl for mercy!

The slave knows that if he doesn't do anything right Mistress will ruin his orgasm. Then after that she will sit on his face and she won't move till he ! So all stakes are riding on him holding on for as long as he possibly can while she pushes him further and further over the edge!

But we all know that Mistress Ava Black takes no prisoners! And this slave isn't going to get the best of her!

Lesson. Fucking. Learned!

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