Released on labour day

07.07.2019Chastity, Femdom, Fetish
  • 12:20 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes chastity - femdom pov - cock tease - pregnant domme - mommy domme - female supremacy - ebony female domination - slave training     

Ah... are you suffering pet?

I can imagine that being stuck in chastity must be the most frustrating thing ever! All that time that you used to have just pumping on your cock and now you have no choice but to sit back and reflect on how good it felt to be able to cum.

I bet now all you want to do is cum for me huh? Show me that you've obeyed me really well so far... You want to know when I'm going to release you and allow you to cum don't you? I have an exact date for you right here. But you need to keep an eye on certain hidden messages I will leave you on my social media. So listen up for your release date.

Good luck not spunking!

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