Pure garbage asslicking slave!

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Includes extreme domination - asshole fetish - rimming - ass fetish - asshole worship - asshole fingering - tongueing ass crack - licking arse - verbal humiliation - asshole humiliation - female domination - ass worship - farting - interracial domination - CFNM - boot domination - female supremacy - ebony female domination - slave training



Mistress's slave pisses her off so fucking much!

He's always going on about how much he loves rimming her. How he could spend hours and hours just underneath her arse worshipping her for all she's worth! He doesn't care if she's sweaty, funky, or even if it's day old arse, he would rim her for all he's worth any day of the week!

Of course Mistress wants to make him eat his words! Seeing the old fucker drooling with lust as he checks out her gorgeous derriere while she busies herself in the Dungeon. She's going to put an end to this once and for all! Today she's going to give him just what he's been craving all this time! Only it's going to be so fucked up! So humiliating! So intense! That he'll never dare peep a squeak about her arse ever again for fear she'll deliver round 2!

Her sweaty Dungeon arse is funky and breathing up a storm as she saunters over to him. Complimenting him on his tongue, she let's him know just what's coming his way. Old boi can't believe his luck! His jaws literally drop to the floor as Mistress commands him to stick his tongue deep into her arse! She wants him to taste every part of her from the get go.

She lets out a steaming fart right into his loser face! He laps it all up. All part of the game he's thinking...

Mistress wants him to stick his finger deep into her arse and pull it out again. Her scent is all over it, and she orders him to lick it. The look of glee on his face surprises even her. She knew this guy was a fucking pervert! But she had no idea just how depraved he was. This only makes her even more angry!

Grinding her arse hard against him, she makes him lick her out. He only deserves arse after all! No pussy for this loser. He can smell it, he can see it, but no way will she ever allow him to seal his desperate lips around it! That pussy is for real men only! And he will eat out her arse for years before she lets him anywhere near it!

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