Porky the Christmas hog! - Part 1

17.05.2019Foot Fetish, Shoes, Slave
  • 10:37 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes - foot domination - boot domination - foot slave training - foot fetish - ebony - foot fetish - foot worship - toe spreading - wrinkled soles - jeans fetish - cfnm - extreme domination - verbal humiliation - ignore - cbt - performance degradation

Say hello to Porky the Christmas hog.

Porky is pathetic.

Which is why his Mistresses put him in the corner and forgot all about him. But then li'l Porky wants to play... So Mistresses want to make his miserable life even more miserable.

He has no limits. His limits are what they set him. Not that he enjoys what they set him. They just decided that his begging was pretty pathetic and they liked him better when he had no opinion. So Porky does as he is told.

Like in this first part where they decide that he should scooch along on the floor behind them and sniff Goddess Miinoa's boots... Haha! He doesn't like that at all! But they don't care! Guess Porky is well and truly stuffed!

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