PA to our heels

15.07.2019Femdom, Foot Fetish, Shoes
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Includes foot domination - manipulatrix - double domination - high heels - femdom pov - boot domination - ebony female domination - ebony foot fetish - foot worship pov - verbal humiliation - cock tease - arrogant woman    

 When you answered the ad for 'alternative' personal assistant you would never have guessed how alternative it was going to get!

When you arrived the two ladies had sized you up. It made you feel nervous and you could feel your ears heating up. You hoped you weren't blushing but at this point you sensed they could see they had you where they wanted. They wanted a personal assistant while they worked from home, they explained. They had very high profile clients and for them appearance was all.

But before they could reveal more they wanted to see if you  had what it took to be their PA. They instructed you to remove  your clothing immediately. The look on your face must have shown them just how frightened you were, but your hands betrayed you and scrambled to do as you were told.

You stood in front of them naked as the day you were born. Their amusement was sinister, predatory even.

They seemed pleased with your desperation to secure this post. After all in today's precarious job market they must have known as well as you did that you needed this job more than anything!

But as they continued your heart sank to the floor. They really wanted a round the clock shoe attending PA. Someone to clean their shoes throughout the day in between appointments. Someone who would live under the office desk as he worked, doing as he was told and keeping them looking flawless.

But even as your heart sank your penis was swelling up. And fear intertwined with excitement as your new job role was expanded upon... 

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