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20.12.2018Domination, Femdom, Fetish
  • 7:17 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes - findom - make me bi - blackmail fantasy - homewrecker - extreme verbal humiliation - exposure threat - financial ruination - mindfuck - smacktalk - femdom pov - female domination - ebony female domination - ebony     


This is a really harsh intense verbal humiliation clip. It is so intense in fact that I had to leave the worst parts out of this description. But that is the whole reason you will be getting this clip isn't it? To get the unrestrained verbal lashing that you deserve.

I know you get off to the worst I have to dish out. It must be so hard being you, I mean you are a waste of space jerkoff on a good day. But to be a loser doing nothing with his life but dreaming of sucking cock like a faggot has to be a new low even for you!

You're really pathetic! You know that don't you? You little fucked up confused closet dwelling confused bi anal hungry hole faggot cum dump! And what's worse is you can't even stop yourself if you tried. You must be so proud of yourself that you turned out this way! That this is how you spend your life. Your secret little other self that you love and wish you could shout out about from the rooftops.

You're either just some stupid closet fag wasting his time jerking off to big meaty cocks and wishing he could do something about it. Or you're a full blown fucking closet fag  who's out there sucking and fucking big cock dudes any chance he gets! I'll bet you turn into a right slag when you see all those huge cocks don't you? That you beg for those cocks in all your hungry holes. I bet after you've done it you're so ashamed of yourself but you still can't stop yourself.

You can't deny who you are.

Even through your shame you know that all those men are just using you.

None of those studs give a fuck about you.

They're all just using you to get off. Just another little cum dump to fill up with jizz and throw away. After all your only use, your only purpose is to take cock. You're not even a man, you're just a fag. A cock loving fag, and the more you're humiliated the more you enjoy it. That is so fucked up stupid! How much you love the embarrassment and fear of being exposed. 

But that fear is never going to be enough to stop you from dreaming about chasing cock all day every day. To stop you from trawling the internet looking for your next hit of man juice! You fucking disgrace! Going for any and every cock that summons you.

But then again you're not a real man anyway. You're just a fucking disgrace who couldn't cut it as a man. No woman wants you. No one ever would. So the only thing  you're good for is a cum dump!

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