Our human trampoline - Full clip

24.10.2019Femdom, Foot Fetish, Trampling
  • 9:06 Minuten
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Includes Mistress Lorraine - ebony female domination - double domination - trampling - heavy trampling - jumping up and down on slave - facesitting - foot domination - foot worship - ebony foot fetish - foot fetish - femdom - foot slave training - female domination     



Featuring: Mistress Ava Black and Mistress Lorraine

slave is feeling very brave as he has agreed to taking whatever Mistresses have in mind for him today!

It's not their fault really then is it? He wanted anything. And they're going to give him ANYTHING!

They're no welterweights, and they want him to feel every gram of their weight on him as they walk right onto him as introduction. Then they bounce! As hard and as heavy as they can!

He can hardly take it and he groans under the strain of their double heavy weight on him. Then they sit on him and facesit him hard! Oh what fun slave torment is!

Hurting him turns Mistresses on so much! They get hot for hearing his groans and cries. There is no way out for him and he knows it! So when they trample him yet again he grits his teeth and bares it.

They walk all over him, kneading his thighs with their feet. Mistress rapid runs all over his chest, leaving him completely breathless. 

His body, his cock and balls, every part of him is just a trampling and busting mat for their feet. They are having a blast!

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