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Not good enough to fuck, only good enough to lick my feet!

16.12.2018Femdom, Fetish, Foot Fetish
  • 12:32 Minuten

Includes - cock tease - smacktalk - verbal humiliation - masturbation humiliation - ebony femdom - loser humiliation - arrogant woman - foot domination - foot worship pov

There are certain things in this life that someone like you knows with absolute clarity. That you will always pay for everything is a given. 

But maybe on some level you thought that my attentions would at some point come cheap, or even free? That maybe somehow because I smile at you every so often I am sweet as pie... maybe even downright 'nice'?


Well can I let you in on a huge secret then if you were hoping that somehow I liked something more about you than your devotion and awe! You are a slave to me! Always have been always will be!

The only thing that you are any good for is licking my feet! The only thing I want from you is silent enthusiastic servitude! I don't want anything else, I don't need anything else... Than to see you on your knees gagging on my huge feet! That is all you are good for.

Not to fuck! Definitely not that! Nope! You are only good enough to lick my feet!

Now get to it!