Little and large! We're in charge!

08.09.2019Barefoot, Femdom, Foot Fetish
  • 12:08 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes foot domination - double domination - foot fetish - foot worship pov - ebony foot fetish - foot humiliation     

Mistress Ava Black and Goddess Ebony Soles have been working with you for a while now. In that time they cottoned onto the fact that you love feet.

You didn't know that they are evil Femdoms until they invite you to hang out at their place. Then they drop the bombshell!

They've figured out your dirty little perversion and how you've been checking out your colleagues' feet at work. Especially Wendy! You've been drooling all over feet like a loser. 

And now they've discovered this they're going to make you come and sniff and lick their feet every day! They don't care that you're immediately shocked that from just looking you're going to have to start doing. And doing loads!

They make an unstoppable foot fetish combo! One large pair and one petite pair. Creamy and wrinkled soles are going to walk all over you! And you'd best make them feel EQUALLY loved! Or when they get back to work they're going to make a beeline for Wendy and tell her!

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