Let me finger fuck your wallet

08.09.2021High heels, Money Domination, Pantyhose0
  • 9:25 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes high heels - bedroom heels - extreme heels - shoe fetish - ebony female domination - findom - financial domination - verbal humiliation - female supremacy - femdom - slave training     

Do you know how it feels for me when I get your tribute? Do you know how it feels when I see that balance slide into my bank account?

I can only compare it to one thing that you might know.

It’s like when you slide your cock into a warm hole. That first moment after your dick has been so hard and throbbing to enter that hole. Seeing it open up in front of you, knowing that at any moment you’re going to get that sweet delicious release.

And that moment. The moment when you enter that hole. That mouth, pussy, ass, whatever. When it opens up and you feel that warm gash just wrap itself around you…

That’s what it feels like when I get your money.

Fucking orgasmic!

My shoes are the pussy you need in your life. Slide between the gash of my soles. Place your cock here and fuck my soles.

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