It looked much bigger in sex ed!

22.02.2019Fetish, Small Penis, Upskirt
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Includes - pov female - schoolgirl outfit - school girl - adult role play - foot fetish - plimsolls - panty fetish - cock tease - sph - small penis humiliation - pov female - ebony     

Your friend Ava has come to hang out with you after school today. She likes hanging out with you. She says you are so much more grown up than the other boys. She's always sharing loads of stories about what happened in school. You think she might like you but you've never pushed it. You just feel so lucky that she even talks to you. After all she's way hotter than any babe you could pull. 

Today she's telling you about the sex ed lesson they just had. Being a faith school it's not easy for them to get any sex ed at all. But since it's mandatory the Biology class ma'am had to teach it. Ava thought it was unbelievable how big the penis looked on the diagram in class. She begs you to show her your cock. She can't believe what she saw and she wants to see a real one.

You don't take much convincing. You whip it out eagerly and it's rock hard, aching for her to touch it.

But then her nose wrinkles up in disgust...

Is that it? 

Oh fuck! You made a huge mistake! You try to push it back into your pants but she slides right up to you, curiosity written all over her face. She studies you like you're some kind of oddity on the examination table. Disgust and laughter are etched all over her face. 

What have you done? There's no going back now as she unleashes a torrent of verbal on you!

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