13.08.2020Anal Sex, Bi Training, Bi fun
  • 30:44 Minuten

Includes make me bi - tricked bi - tg escort - transgender - double domination - cfnm - cuckolding - interracial domination - humiliation - cocksucking - femdom pov    

Ava's husband is retiring and celebrating a big number birthday at the same time. He's done really well and now he wants to treat himself to an escort experience. So they call Sasha for an experience that will 'blow their minds'!
They liked her profile online - it promised to give them more than they could handle. They love saucy little minxes like her so they booked her straightaway!
When she turns up she is just perfect!
Everything they could have ever wanted and more. But when they pull her panties down they discover very quickly why she has more than they could handle!
But handle it they will...
Or at least hubby will as he has his first kinky experience!
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