Dirty Foot Perv

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  • HDTV

Includes foot fetish - ebony foot fetish - blackmail fantasy - home wrecker - ebony - pov female - footdomination - foot fetish - femdom pov    

Hey there foot bitch!

I know you've been obsessed with my feet for the longest time. You crave them so much and you love that I know how to exploit you for your desire for them. 

You're going to pay me and pay good for the joy of worshipping my perfect toes, my creamy soles, my wrinkled ebony soles. I'm going to milk your wallet mercilessly as you drool over my perfection.

Aren't you the luckiest little footslave ever? That I permit you the permission to worship me like this? That I give you permission to spend everything you have on me. You horny little bitch, I'm going to make you keep on paying. You like to see me spend your money recklessly after all. And seeing these perfect feet bouncing around spending is more than you can handle.

I'm a demanding foot Goddess. I love to see you paying and worshipping, worshipping and paying... My feet make you weak and stupid. So easy and vulnerable for an easy drain. You just can't stop yourself even if you wanted to.

Srare at my perfect feet you horny little fucker. Jerk your little foot loving cock as you take in all this perfection in front of you. Your little cock is just throbbing at the sight of these feet right now isn't it? All you want is to kiss and smell and lick my gorgeous feet and soles. Loving my perfection makes you so hard  you drip just at the sight of me.

It's so easy for me to ruin you. You love that too don't you? My feet turn your brain to mush and you crave every ounce of humiliation I dish out.

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