Dirty floor treats

  • 8:33 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes - cfnm - foot domination - verbal humiliation - foot slave training - foot crush - dirty feet - eat my feet - muddy feet - interracial domination - wet feet 

Mistress's feet are super disgusting with the mud and she is desperate to get that muck and gunk off!

She remembers that the wonderful power of citrus can clean just about anything spotless clean! So she sends off foot boi to get an orange for her. His mouth is still gritty with all the mud he ate earlier but she doesn't care! He WILL clean off her dirty feet with the orange she is going to crush for him now.

What's more she decides that he is going to eat that orange too once her feet are decent. After all she's never been one to waste good food...

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