Dental floss dick!

24.12.2020Femdom, Humiliation, Small Penis
  • 17:33 Minuten

Includes sph - small penis humiliation - femdom pov - verbal humiliation - cock tease - small penis rap - laughing - loser symbol - smacktalk     

Skinnydick you inspire me!
I had a dream about you last night.
Or more specifically the only part of you that any woman is disappointed with at first sight.
That skinny dick of yours!
Now you know I see a lot of wang in my job don’t you? So for your penis to have stuck in the back of my mind is truly special!
It’s not often that I am disappointed FOR other women the way I am when I see your penis. I feel like I should erect a tombstone for all the future women that will have you rolling around inside them desperately trying to touch the sides. If you were a screwdriver the whole getup would fall apart!
Do you know what makes a woman cum? 
Yes. Girth is great. Girth and length even better! I mean, I even know chicks who have chosen short dick over long skinny ones because that thing had some delicious girth to it!
Oh my you’re suffering aren’t you? Why don’t you just give up? Seriously…
Give up.
Cos I don’t know how much embarrassment you can take having to see how hopeless they think your pathetic cock is them rooting round like a worm inside them.
Give the gift of cock! Let those chicks have some better cock than yours… C’mon now
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