Delicious Boots - Full clip

18.10.2019High heels, Lesbian, Shoes
  • 13:28 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes Ava Austen - boot fetish - boot domination - double domination - interracial domination - boot licking - boot worship - boot fetish - leather goddess - leather boots - leather worship - leather gloves - leather dress - spanking - paddling - verbal humiliation - female supremacy - ebony female domination - pvc boots - pleaser boots - fishnet stockings - slave training     

Featuring: Mistress Ava Black and Ava Austen

Come into our boudoir slave. Today you are in for a very special surprise. A fine pair of vinyl boots and a delicious pair of leather boots.

You are such a lucky lucky slave to get a nice kinky mix all over you today. Don't you just love how perfect these boots look? Start down there now, under the boots. Lick the soles of our boots first. Show your devotion to us by worshipping the soles. Then you might just earn the right to work your way up...

We want you to be our good little boot licking bitch! Worshipping leather boots with as much passion as Ava Austen shows Ava Black. You have to do as good a job as she does. Then you just might be priviledged enough to share these gorgeous boots!

You would be so lucky to slide your tongue all over our boots. All of your body is made to worship our boots. All of your body belongs to us. Sandwiched between our boots so you are trapped and completely at our mercy. Sheer bliss!

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