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Dangerous Belle

16.12.2018Femdom, Fetish, High heels
  • 17:06 Minuten

Includes - pov female - blackmail fantasy - homewrecker - ebony - manipulatrix - leg fetish - cock tease    


You decided to surprise your son during term time with a social visit. Since he does not appear to be at home you let yourself in and wait for him. While you are waiting Ava turns up. She doesn't tell you who she is but you guess she must be more than a friend to your son.

She seems surprised to see you there and even more so when you say who you are. Nonetheless she agrees to wait around with you. She is not the communicative sort but you politely try to strike up conversation. Your mind is racing as you look at her. She is attractive, but in an almost predatory way. You can't quite place your finger on it. As you are trying to gather your thoughts your eyes wander to her legs. So smooth and long. She is tapping her foot impatiently. You can't help but notice how curvy her thighs are. 

She's not interested in your attempts at small talk - choosing instead to try and raise your son on the phone. She reaches him, but he seems to be letting her know that he will be a while returning home. She relays this news to you, seeming even more frustrated. 

But then she comes and sits next to you. An evil smile shadows her face, a knowing glance cast at the slight bulge in your trousers. You blush, immediately self-conscious, but she is onto you already. She's seen what  you've been looking at, she says. In fact you are the best thing that happened to her today. Because she had come here to fuck your son. Reluctantly on her part she proudly admits. After all guys like him can pay for any woman they want. But he seems to like her so she was gonna shag him for leverage.

But then again since she was only going to fuck him for your money, she says, she'd rather take it from you directly. The shock on your face is obvious, and you stutter. She cuts you off. If you don't give her what's in your wallet and pay up now she will call the police and tell them you exposed yourself to her! 

You try to calm her. Obviously she means business. You pull out all the money in your pocket and hand it to her. Her grin grows even larger. 3 grand! She's amazed that you're walking around with all this money on you! Well, she says, seeing as you have such healthy pocket change she wants to see your phone. You hand it to her, trembling with fear but feeling your boner rise even more. This is one dangerous belle! She takes a picture of her legs! Snap, she sends it to herself.

There, she says. Now she has evidence that you were taking pictures of her legs without her knowledge right before you offered her 3 grand for sex. Then you exposed  yourself to her!

Your heart is racing now. She has you in a corner and she knows it! You beg with her to release you. What will it take for her to stop this cruel game of hers? 

Well, she says, it's time your son got a girlfriend isn't it? She's going to give you one month to get him to ask her out. One month to introduce her to the family. Or she is going to go public with her story. Oh, and in the meantime she wants you to fund all her shopping sprees from now on! 

You are still reeling in shock as she bounces out the door, on her way to spend your money no doubt.