Custom: Panty Surprise - Part One

07.05.2019Femdom, Panties, Sensual
  • 7:16 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes fass fetish - panty fetish - sexy talk - cock tease - trying on panties - strip tease - sexy dance - custom clip - ebony     

Custom video request.

Part One begins with a very specific tease, talking about how she will rinse your wallet dry. She knows how much you love every inch of her body. Every inch.

No matter how chilled out or laid back I look when you see me I am absolutely perfection. What is it that turns you on so badly? My thighs? Mmm I see now... You love to see every inch of my perfect curves knowing that my perfect body looks in panties.

Yes. I know it. You really want to see me in all sorts of panties don't you? Say it!

I know you do. I look so fucking sexy in all my different panties. You want me to take my clothes off and try on a few for you? Mmm, ask me nicely then...

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