Custom: Make it official

07.08.2021Foot Fetish, High heels, Milf
  • 12:54 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes financial domination - verbal humiliation - blackmail fantasy - extreme domination - high heels - barefoot - ebony femdom - edge play - financial ruination - ebony female domination - femdom pov - pov female     

Ever since you discovered me you’ve been falling down the rabbit’s hole haven’t you? My looks, my voice, my deliciously deviant mind… Every single thing I put out there and you know all about it. You’re not just a fan. You’re obsessed!

Your wife has probably realised by now hasn’t she? That you’ve left her emotionally. I mean, you’re still with her physically but if I told you to stop that I know you would in a heartbeat!

You crave me, you need me, you live for me. 

Come pet, let me tell you what I want from you. I am your Superior, and every word that comes from my lips is sweetest nectar to you. You are forever transformed into what I always wanted you to be.

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