Custom: Kim Carcrashian

14.02.2019Femdom, Fetish, Sissy
  • 12:20 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes - femdom pov - ebony femdom - female domination - femdom - verbal humiliation - female supremacy - bimboization - mocking - laughing
Well hello there dahling!

So you like to dress up in ladies' clothes do you? Well I have just the perfect thing here for you to wear. Come on, let's get this shiny tarty thing on you sweetheart!

Now put some make-up on... let's have a look...


How disgusting!

I thought you said you've been desperate to be my little bimbo slut for the longest time!?!? What the fuck were you desperate for? It seems your reality fantasy divide is the Grand Canyon petal!

Look at you!

I wouldn't even begin to call that a look!

On what planet really sweets? I wouldn't be caught anywhere with you looking like that! Fuck you look like a car crash! Not fucking sexy sweetheart! Not in a million!

I need to fix you up like yesterday!

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