Custom: Dirty JOI

  • 5:47 Minuten
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Includes - toilet fetish - toilet humiliation - toilet slavery - femdom pov - verbal humiliation - ebony -  ebony female domination   

You dirty dirty fucker!

I never thought you could sink as low as you have... yet here you are again! Sniffing away at my golden farts like some desperate pathetic loser!

I know you're dripping at the thought of what lies in my bloated belly. But today you have to earn my Mistress plops.

Oh it's going to be majorly gross!

It's going to be humiliating!

And you're going to be crying as you cum.

Just the way I like it.

Is erotic humiliation a thing? It is for you! And as you feel your cock throbbing I want you to remind yourself just who owns you COMPLETELY!

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