Custom: Definitely a grower!

06.01.2021Fetish, Masturbation, Sensual
  • 13:15 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes futa - futanari - transformation fantasies - adult role play - female masturbation     

A day spent masturbating is a day well spent.

Ava has been having fun playing all day long. Exhausted, she nods off. When she comes to, her hand slides down lazily to start a slow gentle stroke.

But then she jerks awake!

She felt something strange down there...

Surely it couldn't be?

But when she pulls her trousers back she discovers that it is true!

She has grown a cock!

A yummy veiny cock too.

She can't believe it...

She tries to stroke it and immediately it's rock hard and throbbing. 

She pumps it even more, and she feels her balls - wait what! Oh fuck she has balls too - throbbing and pulsing

She's always wondered what it's like to have a cock!

And one of the first things she has always wanted to do is to slide it into someone. And she knows just who to call...

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