Custom: Butt Plugged for your failure to comply

22.11.2018 Chastity, Female Domination, Sissy
  • 22:01 Minuten

Includes - adult role play - transformation fetish - transformation fantasy - crossdresser - crossdresser assignment - ebony female domination - slave training - sci fi - prostate massage - anal - butt plugs - blow jobs - cock sucking - dildo sucking - cum control    

In a future... not so far from now... the world is ruled by Women.

Men had the chance to call the shots and they cocked it up royally! So women uprose by denying them all sex until they got so full of spunk they were willing to do anything to cum!

Little did they realise that they were forever destined to live in a society that was more orderly than they could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

Women decreed that all men must wear dresses - so they could better empathise with women once and for all. They also decreed that men couldn't be trusted to do as they ought so every man was fitted with a custom butt plug to fill him up completely and act as a tracking device. This butt plug would send daily reports back to the High Commander's elite monitoring unit. Any infraction detected would be dealt with swiftly and most cruelly by the Enforcement Officers as they saw fit.

Ava - an Enforcement Officer - has been notified that one of her fittings (*titles assigned to males who have been fitted by an Officer) has not been wearing his tracking device according the rules. In fact, over the previous seven days Unit 301 has been without his tracking device for over 50% of the time.

Ava attends to investigate throroughly.

This will involve checking 301's orifices to ensure that the device allocated to him is substantial and recalibrating it to expand should it be found that his anal passage has become too large. His chastity device will also be checked extensively for signs of fiddling.

Of course 301 has plenty of excuses as to why he has been flagrantly breaking the law. Ava must take a tough stance with him, making sure that she spreads his arsehole fully with both the butt plug as well as a dildo to ensure continued compliance. An opportunistic stretching of his mouth cavity is also necessary she feels.

When his punishment has been dished out and his butt plug inflated even further, Ava registers him for his regular milking to be conducted by her. After all, she wants to make sure that he has not been wasting the communal seed for insemination! And just to make sure that his butt plug won't shift any further she gives Unit 301 a sound spanking! That will teach him the error of his ways!