Cum Dump Academy

14.11.2019BDSM, Femdom, Sissy
  • 11:20 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes femdom pov - sissy training - verbal humiliation - sissy sluts - cock tease - make me bi - gay 4 pay - femdom - female domination     


So you finally did it didn’t you?


You finally went out and whored yourself out like the common whore that you are. 


You went behind everyone’s backs and actually sucked real cock. And you discovered that you really enjoyed it! You enjoyed being used like the little dick draining whore that you are! Knowing that to those guys you were nothing but a fuckhole to be used however they wanted. Made your own cock tingle because they didn’t even give a fuck about getting you off. And after you’d been used like the whore that you are beating off in frustration gave you the hottest orgasm you’ve ever had!


But now you feel guilty. Guilty that you enjoyed it so much. Guilty that you’ve been thinking about it and beating off to it whenever you can. And guilty that everyone you know still thinks you’re this great straight dude.


But I don’t care about all that guilt ish. Because I want you to get your little whore ass back out there and do what comes most naturally to you. I want you to get back out on the streets. Pound those pavements again hunting for cock for me!


You’re my little hungry cumdump whore and that mouth of yours needs filling….

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