Cum as you go

  • 7:53 Minuten
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Includes executrix - taboo - fantasies - femdom pov - joi games - cock tease - slave training - ebony female domination - mindfuck - female supremacy     

I want you to pull your cock out while you watch this clip. Edge gently while you enjoy my beautiful tits and amazing silky voice...

Now let me let you in on a little secret... You're still stroking aren't you? Nice and hard now, so you feel like you're going to cum soon?

Well, I ordered a break-in to your house recently. My bois placed a heat activated potion in your shower gels and body creams. Basically it has built up enough in your system now that if you jerk off and cum in the next 96hrs you're going to pop your clogs!

Ciao you!

Bye bye! 

You're basically going to cum as you go!

But of course that's only if you carry on jerking off to my gorgeous tits and cum... Oh you're still jerking off are you? If you stop now you might still survive you know. You'll have serious blue balls because I'm not going to stop all this hotness! 

So you have a choice. 

Do you follow this clip and wank off till you pop off?

Or do you resist my gorgeous tits and tease?

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