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Cravings for borrowers - Part Four

08.01.2019Blonde, Fetish, Vore
  • 7:16 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes - giantess - vore - pov female - pregnant - femdom pov - ebony - shrinking fetish - unaware giantess - trapped - fantasy     

That last little borrower went down hard! "He must have done calisthenics or something in a previous life..."

Ava has developed a taste for these little borrowers! She feels no guilt the more she pops in her mouth - only sweet sweet satisfaction. They were just the treat she was craving! That little borrower is really putting up a fight though. He's clinging to every part of her throat as he slides down and she has to swallow really hard to get him to go down.

A strange thing is happening though... No matter how many she pops she just needs more... She doesn't know whether  it's the fight the last one put up or the fact that she's finally feeding her intense cravings, but she wants more. Just one more... just one more... But they seem to be running away from her.

She gets down on the floor and crawls around, looking for just one more... Oh! here's one! He looks like a new face too. So ripe, and glowing skin... Mmm, simply delicious!

Will Ava stop her cravings now or is this little borrower going to go down to the little party in her preggo tum tum? As Ava says she is bigger, stronger, and much hungrier than this little borrower...

Watch and find out what happens!

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