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Cravings for borrowers - Part Five

09.01.2019Blonde, Fetish, Vore
  • 8:11 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes - giantess - vore - pov female - pregnant - femdom pov - ebony - shrinking fetish - unaware giantess - trapped - fantasy     

Mmm, that little borrower is just the perfect size for Ava's hungry hungry mouth. She is so curvy, so very juicy... Will she be all that Ava needs? Or will it just be an awful case of the more that she eats the more that she wants? The little borrower is so very afraid. And the scent of her fear marinades her in the most delicious way possible. Ava is drooling as she contemplates what to do with this last juicy morsel?

Will she or won't she? Watch and find out.

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