Busting his one ball

28.06.2019BDSM, Ball busting, Transgender
  • 7:21 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes extreme domination - ballbusting - ball abuse - trans Domination - double domination - interracial domination - female domination - CFNM - female supremacy - ebony female domination - slave training     

The slave only has one ball!

And he wants to be a ballbusting slave? Now I don't know about you but when Mistress Ava Black and Jessica Dee heard about this they fell about laughing! They laughed so hard they wept! What a fucking challenge!

Busting two balls is an act of pure beauty and magnificence. After all those two pesky nuts are pretty sneaky. Like little trouser ninjas, all they want to do is escape getting the pummelling that Mistresses love to deliver!

But of course let it never be said that Mistresses will shy away from a super challenge that a much smaller target presents. Belly flap, tiny balls, micropeen... none of these save the slave when they go balls out on this muthafucka! Jessica has an eagle eye for such a challenge. Having two girly balls of her own means she knows exactly where to beat this fucker so it really hurts. And those toned athletic thighs of hers take no prisoner as she busts that tiny nut!

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