Balls off finale!

27.05.2020CBT, Domination, Fetish
  • 11:46 Minuten
  • HDTV

Includes castratrix - ebony femdom - femdom pov - ebony female domination - executrix - edge play - extreme domination    

I want to wear your balls like a pendant.
Give me what I want.
You’ve grown so attached to those little giblets between your thighs. Those pathetic fluid sacs that don’t do anyone any favours. Least of all you!
Well I want them! You heard me.
I want them.
Not for anything other than to hang in vials on my necklace. See I have a taste for unusual jewellery. Pieces with sentimental value so to speak. And I know how much sentiment those hold for you. But I’m going to remove them myself!
I want to watch you hang from them on your tiptoes until your legs give way. I might even climb on your shoulders just to help gravity along. After all what hotter place than for them to be with me!
And if the extraction process proved too much for your weak body oh well! Even more sentiment to my jewellery!
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