Arse lickers anonymous

29.06.2019Asses, Femdom, Slave
  • 8:15 Minuten
  • FullHD

Includes ass licking - ass spreading - ass eating - verbal humiliation- double domination - CFNM - face slapping - gimp mask - chastity humiliation - slave training - Mistress Kiana - interracial domination - extreme domination     

Mistresses Ava and Kiana have trapped their stupid little arse loving slave in their boudoir. He doesn't know it yet but he's in for one helluva ride! Or more precisely Mistresses are going to ride him. His face is theirs for the taking!

They delight in how obedient their little human puppet is as they toy with him. The look of lust on his face is clear when they tell him that they want to ride his face. It doesn't matter that he's in chastity. Just for him to get the chance to inhale Mistresses' fragrant scents is more than he could possibly wish for!

They use him for all he is worth, mercilessly bouncing up and down on his willing face! His cock strains away in its cage but noone gives a fuck! He is there for their pleasure, and nothing he desires will be paid attention to!

Mistress Ava makes him come closer to watch her asshole wink. She wants him to know that his place from now on will be as an asshole worshipper for his Goddesses. Nothing he wants matters any more! Because now he will just be another in a sea of anonymous arse lickers for these Goddesses!

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