100 strokes for your bad behaviour - Full clip

30.04.2019BDSM, Caning, Femdom
  • 26:18 Minuten

Includes female supremacy - ebony female domination - domestic domination - CFNM - embarrassment - telling off - annoyed woman - judicial caning - corporal punishment - extreme domination - no safeword femdom

He was graciously given an appointment to come to see his Mistress for his weekly OTK spanking at her home. She had awaited his arrival but had heard nothing from him. Irritated, she had sat down to read while she calmed her nerves.

A long time later she heard her houseslave letting someone in! It was her extremely late appointment! He hadn't even called to say he was going to be late. Just showed up fully expecting to still be seen. Her annoyance is clear as he walks in and he can see it. She gives him a stern telling off for his being so presumptious in assuming the appointment would still be honoured!

Since he has no regard for her time his session would carry on. But not the gentle spanking he had been hoping for. Today he was going to receive 100 strokes very hard caning from cold! And he had to begin the whole process by confessing 3 things he had done to hurt or disappoint someone in that week and beg for the caning.

Though he has asked for his punishment one could be mistaken in assuming that he doesn't believe he should have it. Because as Mistress delivers stroke after stroke the slave is howling and begging for mercy. Sweetest painful responses to Mistress's attentions.

But Mistress has one thing in mind. And that is to deliver the full 100 strokes without mercy! Will he give in or will his devotion warm her heart? Watch and find out!

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